About numarta


Born in Barcelona back in the 80’s, I’m curios from nature and with a passion for letter, strokes, shapes & colours and its process.

I was formed as Graphic Designer in BAU, Barcelona but right after that I started to move around Europe and did courses in Rotterdam, London , Finland, etc. I did specialized in Calligraphy & Bookbinding in Roehampton (London) which are two completely analog disciplines that I combine in the digital online word and have allowed me to develop the eye for detail. 

I’ve lived nearly 6 years in London, a place where tradition meets innovation, where things happen very fast and a place where many cultures live, share, learn & communicate together, definitely a place to learn a lot. I've also had the chance to have lived in Naples & Rotterdam and travel every time I have a chance for, that has helped to be integrated in my job with a global vision.

Actually I live between Barcelona and go around Europe and work online for different clients all across the globe. And also I've started to give workshops too.  If you wish to drop me an email for further information please do, at: hola@numarta.com