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branding proposal for Coventry city, to integrate all its services



Branding proposal for such a beautiful city, with such a long history. It was sacrificed by Churchil, as a consequence it was destroyed by bombs and had to be rebuild. Also Lady Godiva's tale comes right from here and if you wouldn't know all the London black cabs are made here and these are just starters to speak about their long history. 

So, when the project to do some branding for the council representing the city I decided to base the proposal in the cathedral, its past and its recently present after was rebuild after Luftwaffe's bombings, and has this incredible colourful glass work in the main altar. As it also has some of its original gothic structure and architecture the path to work the brand was based on geometry and trying to blend both lines of work, recuperating a bit the golden proportions in this mix but without losing a bit of its colour as we wanted to be lifely and positive memories and not to think about its destruction but in the other hand in its strenght as a city and its reconstruction looking for a bright future. This was the result. 

Project developed for Peter Anderson Studio

London – 2012.